Orchadia Inside

What we do

We are explorers, assimilators, creators and communicators, led by smell into some amazing places. We love to be inspired and to inspire, to express smell visually, scientifically, artfully and to put Orchadia ‘inside’. Sometimes, we can share our explorations and invite others to explore with us. Please take a look at our Engagement Activities and a couple of other examples follow:

Fir, Fire, Food and Fur
What does Santa smell like?

We asked 'What would Santa smell like'. The answers were so wonderful, we followed up with a Santa scent 'What does Santa smell like' and told the world, including the tale of creation and visual representations!

Perfume, Poetry and Pictures

On the wings of a moth

Here, we were challenged to create a perfume which captured the essence of a poem. Exploring further later, we captured the perfume in a picture.

Making Smell Count
Noses, Numbers and 20,000 Breaths

We highlighted different aspects of scientific understanding of our sense of smell, illustrated with numbers, which happily helped justify our title!
The article published on Linked In, in 2014

Inside Spice

Making scents of spice

We portrayed the components of spice in an image to help people visualise the complexity of spice oils and see their differences, similarities and patterns. We love that data can be attractive, not just interesting.