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Orchadia - Perfumer led consultancy service

We are here to help clients with all kinds of fragrance business related challenges, including helping with:

Fragrance Development

Our initial purpose in fragrance development is to understand what you want to communicate through your fragrance. We take the time to study your brand and message and ensure the right fragrance is developed: a creative yet commercial approach. We can also supply fragrances globally through our network of fragrance manufacturers.

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Workshops and Training

Designed to improve understanding of the fragrance business and customer needs, gain insight into the creative process, comprehend fragrance language or learn about technical and regulatory requirements.

More information about our training programs can be found on our other site www.perfume-training.com focused on professional training and education for the perfume business. There is a range of self study course including the recently launched Advanced Perfume Training course (enrollment now open), Professional Perfume Compounding, Perfume and the IFRA Code plus additional courses available in 2013.

Business Processes & Change

To improve processes by examining the 'now', looking at what needs to be achieved and putting change mechanisms in place. We can also help align business goals and marketing efforts. In these areas we are sensitive and supportive but straight forward and direct too!

Specialist Marketing

For companies involved in the aroma trades. For example to undertake raw material appraisals, develop compelling marketing propositions and to design presentations with pizzazz! These can be thought provoking, innovative, enticing, informative or challenging - depending on the brief and the ingredient benefits.

Regulatory Assistance

To help management, development and technical teams understand regulations like GHS, and put systems in place to manage them. We offer our expertise across GHS / CLP in addition to DSD/DPD and IFRA.  We give various Training Sessions, ideal to build awareness, knowledge and skills in any fragrance, flavour or ingredient business.

How Orchadia Works with Clients

We offer an initial free consultation. During this time, we make sure we know enough about the project that both you and we know what is involved, so it makes moving forward easy. Our fees are based on the time taken to undertake the project.

Why don't you take a look at some of the Case Studies which may help you understand our way of working and potentially what we could do for you. Of course, you are welcome to simply Contact Us.

Orchadia Client Commitments

To provide focused and beneficial, independent expert help. To solve problems and enable progress in a direct, effective and considerate way.

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