Regulatory Services

If you need specialist help in CLP or IFRA for fragrances, ingredients or fragranced products, we are here to help. We really understand the detail but are approachable and still talk like human beings. We want to help you get it right, to understand it if you want to, even to make you self-sufficient if that is your goal. 

Specific assessments and documents we provide include:

We can provide external workshops and on-site training sessions in many areas of regulatory affairs, including CLP, GHS and IFRA. We can start from first principles with benefits for all. Flexible content is available to suit different requirements and levels of knowledge, all delivered with a smile, patience and true understanding. Some of our sessions are:

Orchadia's sister company TIPA - The International Perfume Academy has a number of off-the-shelf training workshops and distance study courses, some of which focus on fragrance regulations. We can also develop bespoke training for your needs.

Regulatory Expertise in the Team

We endeavour to bring our expertise to you in a way that adds value, not just cost. We can provide training in regulatory affairs (both courses and workshops) in addition to the direct services mentioned above.

Our key source of regulatory expertise is Penny Williams, who is the deputy Chairperson on the IFRA UK Technical Advisory Group, a member of both the IFRA NCS Taskforce and the IFRA IOFI NCS GHS Taskforce and author for fragrance and regulatory information including for ICATs. Penny has over 30 years of experience in the fragrance industry, with tremendous knowledge in the technical areas of fragrance and ingredient legislation.

In addition the team includes Hannah Patton and Julie Marlowe. Hannah has worked with Orchadia since 2017 and has a wealth of experience in the processes of technical data gathering and assessment. Julie has over 30 years experience in the fragrance industry in perfumery and technical areas, with an additional specialism in natural ingredients and perfumery.

Please contact us to discuss your regulatory requirements using