About Orchadia Solutions

Orchadia was founded in 2006 by Creative Perfumer Penny Williams. In addition to being actively involved in the fragrance industry for over 30 years, Penny is a member of IFRA (the International Fragrance Association) and deputy chairperson on the UK IFRA Technical Advisory Group. Penny is also a full member of SIPC – the International Society of Perfumer-Creators and the British Society of Perfumers (BSP).

''The Orchadia name was inspired by the amazing qualities of orchids, their incredible specialism and uniqueness. Orchids solve problems, they exhibit great diversity and have brilliant relationships with external partners. We work with unique people and unique businesses; the projects we engage in require specialist knowledge and adaptive thinking and we approach every project with enthusiasm and creativity.''

We are a deliberately small team, working closely together. We are hard-working, curious, creative problem solvers and we have fun because we love what we do (most days)!

We often engage in proactive projects to benefit the global community, contributing to and authoring fun and thought provoking content. Quite honestly, we want the whole world to know how wonderful our sense of smell is and the incredible role that fragrance has in enriching our lives. More about that can be found on our Orchadia Engagement page. We often post on Linked In about our activities too.

We understand the power of scent as a story teller in product communication, which means we constantly seek understanding of products, customers and brands. We are excited when we create fragrances which inspire others and delighted when we provide useful fragrance training which makes light bulbs ‘ping’ and faces smile.

Our clients value our close working relationship, expertise and collaborative approach. That's why when we’ve completed a project, there’s another one waiting for us.

The key to our successful client relationships is good communication; our ability to ask questions and listen effectively, to probe and uncover the fine details, which ultimately allow us to create ideal fragrances and solutions efficiently.

''A mutual contact, highly regarded in the world of creative perfumery, suggested I approach Penny in order to collaborate on a scent project that would launch a new fragrance and lifestyle brand. From our initial concept meeting, I knew that Penny would be able to deliver a fabulous result. Her creative instincts are coupled with a technical expertise that allows ideas to evolve into sophisticated formulae. In addition, the Orchadia team have been very helpful in assisting with the regulatory side of project; it is very reassuring to know that I am in very capable hands at every stage of development. ''
Rebecca Rose

To find out more please visit the About Penny Williams page.