Orchadia Engagements

We deliberately choose Engagements as a generic term to capture the wonderful and weird stuff we get invovled in, but also because we are so engaged with the sense of smell!

The Smell of Santa

For several years, we've been invovled with a Santa project. Engaging children (and adults) in the fantastical journey of 'What Would Santa Smell Like'. Super fun, used in schools from primary through to seniors - prompting great poetry and digging into the science of space.

We started asking about what Santa might smell like and from all the brilliant input, came up with what he would smell like! Then we designed a fragrance and an image to accompany it. In 2021, we made a new version of the presentation for use in schools and made it available through the CLTF website.

More details can be found on the Santa page.

More Merry with less bans

When an ingredient is banned, it is often for very good scientific reasons. The ramifications for reformulating fragrances can be enormous - so much so that the mere suggestion of ban can cause the ingredient to fall out of use. We published a light hearted article, using the analogy of a word being banned to highlight some of the many complexities. It really struck a chord with other Perfumers. You can download it here and engage with the topic on Linked In through this link: What happens when Merry is banned

Scents in Pictures

As part of our goal to educate and share in an accesible way, we try to find ways to communicate with images, a picture can paint a thousand odours. We look forward to the time when the smell of fragrances can be represented by images - we think of them as Scenticons.

Perfume and Poetry

Always exploring and love the links between language and perfume. Some words have a special link with fragrance ingredients, perfume can tell stories in a similar way to words too. Think about the word 'enchantment', what could this suggest for fragrance ingredients? Perhaps eugenol (the natural anesthetic present in cloves), to suspend normal feelings? What about the phrase 'eye liner', this was one of the thoughts woven into the perfume and poetry work following a moth's journey through a Warwickshire wood. A real creative joy to work on and more about it is available here: Moths Wings

Scented Fun Palace

Fun Palace was a great event, engaging with the local community and later with other businesses at the science park at Colworth.  Favourite smells for kids included crisps and animals. For the sciency lot at Colworth -  ethyl acetate!