Orchadia Smell and Tell

So much to learn, so much to share!

Orchadia at Fun Palace

We held a 'Smell and Tell' event as part of the Fun Palaces weekend in Bedford and later re-ran it to the Colworth Science Park staff. Mud, marmalade and gun smoke; aniseed, pine and Parma Violets were just some of the smells on the menu used in our 'Match the Smell to the Character' and 'What's That Smell?' activities, encouraged to challenge kids and their parents to engage their sense of smell and puzzle out what they thought they knew about their nose.

In addition to knowledge, each completed activity had a reward of one of our smell themed stickers - they were very motivational!

All the games, while fun and playful, were also a great source of insight for us, and we loved 'smelling through the noses' of our visitors.

Orchadia Fun Palace Photos by WeCanCreative

Comparing the way in which the Fun Palace crowd versus the Science Park crowd reacted to and processed the smells was a cherry on top.

We included an activity in both events 'What's your favourite smell?' and this told quite a story about the differences within the two groups. Crisps was one of the favourites from Fun Palace, and ethyl acetate was one chosen by the Colworth group!