Regulatory support

We can support you in several ways. For example we can prepare regulatory documents on your behalf, including IFRA Certificates and CLP Safety Data Sheets. We can also provide training and support so you can become self sufficient in these areas.

If you are a fragranced product producer developing a fragrance policy, we can also provide input taking into account your product range and brand. For example we can give insight on the implications of policies which limit on pack hazard communication or ingredient use so you can get the best ethical and commercial balance within your policy.

Are you are a fragrance house, raw material supplier or fragranced product producer? We can review your current processes and/or documents and give you feedback which may give you increased confidence or potentially give you ideas for improvements. We can help you implement change should you choose to. We know first hand that it is challenging to keep up with increasing and changing legislation and the responses to it. We don't just state what the legislation is, we explain, examine the effects within a scenario and look at practical solutions.

With knowledge, confidence and good processes your technical offer can become a vital resource for your customers and strengthen your whole position in the market.