Perfume Training

Penny has over 26 years of experience in the fragrance industry, across all areas of creative and technical perfumery; analytical, technical and marketing. This includes 20 years as a Perfumer and a position as Chief Perfumer at an international fragrance house.

We can offer perfume training that covers all areas of the industry. Here's just a sniff of some of the perfume training we provide:

  • Customised perfume training
  • Consider our sense of smell and what makes it 'tick'
  • Look at perfume in innovative ways and encourage creativity
  • Learn and advance smelling techniques and fragrance product evaluation
  • Examine key development processes surrounding fragranced products
  • Gain insight into perfumery and perfumers
  • Fragrance trends and how they can happen: ingredients, food & drink, fashion, environment and many diverse angles

We also have a number of distance learning course available through our sister organisation TIPA - The International Perfume Academy.

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