Orchadia works with The Perfume Shop to create a unique fragrance

The Perfume Shop Masters programme is an intensive and immersive training course aimed to elevate the top performers at TPS to even more dizzying heights. Participants complete the TIPA Advanced Perfume Training course and have a perfume lab experience with Orchadia Solutions as part of the programme.

In 2015, teams from The Perfume Shop first competed for the best perfume brief, after which the winning team's fragrance concept was sketched out by our Creative Perfumer Penny Williams. We then invited the Perfume Shop Masters to our perfume lab to experiment with the scent and used their input to complete the perfume.

It was wonderful to see the different approaches to perfumery from the TPS team - some were highly analytical and precise; others very free and creative. All the suggestions and experiments were taken into account in making the final version of Amber Magnolia, which now perfectly communicates the winning perfumery brief.

This is what Penny has to say about the TPS Masters experience:

'The Masters Programme of 2015 has been brilliant. There has been such enthusiasm and willingness for complete immersion in all things fragrance; to learn through experiences, fragrance development activities and study. It has been wonderful to watch knowledge picked up on the programme applied in practice and in the exam. No doubt the Masters class of 2015 will now go on to shine on the shop floor!

Reading the perfume briefs was great, and the ingredient-led idea from Team Innovation instantly captured my imagination and gave me many ideas to weave into a fragrance. One of my highlights of the year so far was the lab day. Seeing the lightbulb moments when people smelled Amber Magnolia for the first time and the discoveries we had together when the team designed and weighed their own perfume experiments was great fun and genuinely useful - the work from that day has influenced the final formula.

I love working with The Perfume Shop and really value their passion for perfume and for developing people. The Perfume Shop are a joy to work with, great fun and clearly fascinated by all aspects of fragrance. What could be more rewarding for a perfumer?