Media and events

A selection of a few events we've held or contributed to follow, hard to keep up and apologies for any omissions!


Wonderful people from the Perfume Shop visit for fragrance marketing, packaging and the perfume lab creation day in June.

We organised a training day on Flavour regulations, delivered by Joy Hardinge on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at Colworth Science Park.

A workshop through TIPA: Introduction to CLP legislation on Tuesday 8th March at Colworth Science Park.

With fragrance colleagues at Making Cosmetics on Wednesday 16th March, exploring the ups and downs of fragrance creation.

IFRA Info Day for IFRA UK members on 28th January 2016 - Penny gave a talk about the challenges of competing ingredient classifications, the river of compliance and sleeping at night. If you'd like a copy of the presentation, please contact us to request it.


As a key Formpak consultant, Penny was at the BEOA Regulatory Seminar giving a talk on CLP and essential oils, using Orange oil as an example.

IFRA Forum, 15th of October 2015, London: We joined fragrance industry professionals, scientists and other experts for a fragrance communication day.

Fun Palace, Bedford, 3rd & 4th of October 2015: Where science meets art and culture. We made families sniff things and had a lot of fun with fragrance. More about our smelly activities and photos are available on our fun palace page

The Perfume Shop Masters students spent a day with us at our labs collaborating on a perfume design in July 2015. For photos and additional insight visit our Perfume Shop fragrance page.

IFRA Info Day 30th June 2015 - Penny presented on candles and CLP. 'Candles - the burning questions' presentation is available to download.

Future of Formulations in Cosmetics 3rd and 4th June 2015. With the brief of presenting on future innovations Penny discussed the fragrance angle.

British Candlemakers Federation AGM May 2015 - with fragrance being a key source of regulatory complexity for candles, Penny provided a CLP Training session

British Society of Perfumers 33rd Symposium May 2015 - Annual gathering of BSP members.

Making Cosmetics 25th & 26th March 2015 - This included a mini scent workshop from Orchadia for around 70 people, a fun challenge for Penny and Richard!

British Essential Oil Association Symposium (BEOA) 27th March 2015 - Some wonderful products to smell and learn about, plus Penny was one of the panalists on the panel for the Regulatory Question Time. A follow up worskshop is planned.


'Fragrance stability, common problems and how to avoid them' print article appeared in industry magazine COSSMA in March 2014.

On Radio 2 with Chris Evans in January 2013 - Penny was excited to talk to Chris about Ambergris, perfumery and our sense of smell. Penny also took part in a more serious article via BBC World service. Perfume and Body Odours: On request of the BSP, Penny gave views on body odours in perfumery. A double page article printed in the Metro. Most of the Q &A was not printed as can be expected, but an interesting exercise.

Perfume and Body Odours: On request of the BSP, Penny gave views on body odours in perfumery. A double page article printed in the Metro. Most of the Q &A was not printed as can be expected, but an interesting exercise.

The Creative Conversation between Perfumers and Flavourists: In recent conversations with flavourists, they expressed some similar creative practices as perfumers. Ingredients are selected to lead into each other and blend to create a formulation without gaps in their design process, like creating a journey of evapourations. There was previously some exploration of the roles of both disciplines in a Perfumer & Flavorist magazine article.

Perfume & Personalities: How do you select a signature scent? Frankie Mullen's article for MSN Style, with quotes from Penny alongside Emma Leslie.

How much for that perfume!? Tamara Hinson writes about the value of pricey perfumes, with quotes from Penny Williams and Roja Dove.

Penning Perfumes - where perfume and poetry meet. It's now on the road with Odette Toilette and perfumed poetic crew! Penny was involved in the first event in June 2012. Gifted poet and Professor David Morley gave Penny a fabulous poem to work from. Tumblr has a great blog about the whole project. The project was also mentioned in The Independent.

Some of our past appearances and events