Business Change

With over 25 years practical experience in the business of making perfumes we have an intimate understanding of how a fragrance house works, how fragrances are designed, the processes and the potential pain points.

If your business needs to change to meet the challenges of business growth, staff or customer changes or if you have a desire to improve processes or communication, please conside us as an independent ear and voice. We can help you examine where you are versus where you want to be and plot a route to your goal. We can get involved with implementation and monitoring if needed too.


The views of customers, suppliers, distributors and stakeholders can be key to understanding a new or existing market and establishing new directions. We can conduct specialist research into ingredients and fragranced products: their use and reasons for use; the behaviour and attitudes of users and customers.

We take the time to understand what you need to know about an ingredient or product, then we ask the right questions and prepare insightful reports. We use straightforward language and avoid jargon.


In addition to writing training programs and workshops, we produce white papers and articles for magazines. For a sample of work please see the pdf of the Fragrance Stability Article which appeared in the Cosmetic Business publication COSSMA in March 2014.

Specialist Marketing

We appreciate the difficulties of fragrance business today, including getting your message across in the right way to the right people. We can help develop compelling marketing propositions, for you, your business or your products. For example we can design memorable ingredient presentations with impact which talk directly to perfumers. If you have goals of dominating a niche - we'll help you establish and maintain this position.

Please contact us today to talk to us about your requirements.