About Orchadia Solutions

Our customers are unique and come in many different varieties but they share a passion; ultimately they want to provide brilliant products and services which impress and delight their customers and build loyalty. They come to us when part of their offer has a fragrance angle requiring specialist input and they want to get it right.

We work with raw material producers to determine the key perfumery benefits of ingredients and communicate it to perfumers.

We work with service suppliers to the fragrance industry providing expertise, understanding and technical know-how so they can make compelling products, finely tuned messages and make sales.

We work with fragrance houses on perfumery challenges, we engage in training and communication to solve problems, align goals, processes and behaviour to enable business progress.

We work with fragrance brands to develop perfumes for products which customers love to use time and time again.

We work with retailers on fragrance training to inspire staff with fragrance insight giving them confidence to actively engage with customers and love their job.

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